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My Home Page

Its my place. As usual untidy . . . . ! (Thats how I am)

Things dumped here and there but they are of my interest.

First comes to mind is Indian stock Market, some of the things which I have learned and tried to put here, for my reference (you are welcome to look at it). Though not a big investor but who don't want to be rich here . . .!

Next is surly the computers, my resent brush with Linux is quit a story. Also you can look at my PC and Laptop laptop. Also I have put the list of some of the reference sites.

For relaxing I use music and much of my liking is in Indian classical instrumental, some of my notes are also lying somewhere try searching.

Well I forgot to tell you about myself. Hence read this.

Though this place might not look clean but I am die hard fan of the clean energy.

Some of the photos are kept, may be you will find them. Did I tell you about my interest in photography and the cams that I have. Some of the technical stuff on the same is also filed here.

Since long cute and hot gals have been interesting me, Surly I do like these beauties.

Last but not the least I Love INDIA.