It's Yagnesh . !


Welcome . . . . Its my place.

As usual untidy . . . . ! (Thats how I am) Trying to improve, my first page is here.

Things dumped here and there but they are of my interest.

First comes to mind is Indian stock Market, some of the things which I have learned and tried to put here, for my reference (you are welcome to look at it). Though not a big investor but who don't want to be rich here . . . ! I post my learnings on "learnthetrick" on Google groups. There are some articles uploaded here

Next is surly the computers, my recent brush with Linux is quit a story. Also you can look at my PC and laptop. Also I have put the list of some of the reference sites. I have also created a closed wiki of my own to easily keep my online notes.

For relaxing I use music and much of my liking is in Indian classical instrumental, some of my notes are also lying somewhere try searching.

Well I forgot to tell you about myself. I am 1975 model built in Surat, a Mechanical engineer by qualification and I work with Larsen & Toubro Limited. I basically work on the Design and Engineering. I had a brush with the "Project management" and am a QPMP-Lev-D. You can what I have to boast say of myself.

Though this place might not look clean but I am die hard fan of the clean energy.

Some of the photos are kept, may be you will find them. Did I tell you about my interest in photography and the cams that I have. Some of the technical stuff on the same is also filed here.

Since long cute and hot gals have been interesting me, Surly I do like these beauties.

Last but not the least I Love INDIA.


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