Installing Linux on IBM ThinkPad R52

Version dated 8th Oct. 2006

My Background

I was totally novice to linux (till I did this) and have never worked with any operating system other than the M$

Once I found that has also launched the free office suite on Windows, hence I downloaded it and then was very impressed with it. I thought that i should also try Linux if is so cool.

It happened that i bought the laptop in the same month and then my urge to explore about Linux gave me the shot in my arm to proceed with it.

I bought the laptop without os and asked my friends to check if they can locate any linux cd. Baggers have no choice . . . . One of my friend gave me Mandrake 9.2. I checked on net and found that its about 3ys old. I said what difference it would make let me try.

Hence I got the experience, and its worth sharing :


I was surprised to find that it works really well and with not much of trouble.
I have also created a blog to post my experience

Technical and further details

Some technical details are as under :

Configuration of the Laptop

Intel Celeron M processor 370

(1.5 Ghz, 1MB L2 Cache)

Integrated wireless netowrk connection 802.11b/g

Intel 910GML chipsets

Intel Media Graphics accelerator 900




Intel integrated Gigabit Ethernet

How I went about

I started with the installation by booting with CD 1, I tried with VGALO option for installation but it didn't start at first. I then tried the text option and everything started well and menus after menus came up I selected few items of my choice and all went fine. I booted it without CD to find that i m directly put to the shell environment. Novice like me can not make head or tail of it.

I then again thought of installing the linux in the VGALO mode. This time it went well as everything was pre-installed. I selected the standard mouse and it went well with the trackpoint and touchpad.

After completion the laptop booted in Linux with KDE 3.1.1 and it was cool.

Some of the selection that I made while installation are as under :

SCREEN vesa Flat Panel 1024x768

Mouse standard

Tried many options for ethernet but didn't work. Also the sound and video support is not working well. While adding the sound device the application on Mandrake is not opening.

Things working well

Screen with its full capacity is working great.

USB support is perfect.

CD ROM is mounted on desktop and easily accessible.

PCICMA support is on (not yet tested) is too good . !


Things NOT working well



Video / Audio

IBM access utilities

some of the Laptop fn as “LCD off”

Future coarse of action

I will be updating this page with further information. Also will upload some photos and screenshots.

I find increased commitment to learn and use Linux. I found that since the linux version is older some of the supports are not inbuilt. I am in process to get a latest version of linux. (UBUNTU/RED HAT). I am not used to the shell and will have to learn about the commands by further reading.

Hope above is useful to you.

If you are Linux enthusiast and can help me please do write to me on my email id yndesai [at] gmail [dot] com


Yagnesh Desai